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March - May, 2008

Host: Banton


Pagrumrom sa Paghinale is an observance of the brotherhood between Bantoanons, Simaranhons and Sibalenhons, commonly known as Maghali, with the primary objective of further fostering the relationship. It is hoped that stronger ties between neighboring municipalities with common cultural heritage would contribute to faster development.


It is also hoped that periodically, after 2008, say every five years thereafter, each municipality will take turns in hosting this kind of event.


The year 2008 marks the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Municipality of Jones (Banton) during the American regime. Interestingly, Simara was part of that municipality and in fact, the first appointed municipal mayor was Atanacio Faminiano, a Simaranhon. Sibale was, most likely, also part of Jones after its return to the Province of Romblon from Mindoro. Even if Sibale was not part of Jones, its establishment may be viewed as a concrete step towards the establishment of the Municipality of Maghali during the Commonwealth period.


As host, most of the activities which may be participated in by Simaranhons and Sibalenhons will be held in Banton. However, Simara and Sibale may initiate activities in their own turf and such activities will be included in the event calendar.


While focus will be on the Maghali islands, invitations shall be extended to other Asi-speaking municipalities and Bantoanons in other places.


With the different theme, the 2008 celebration will also mark the shift of Balik-Banton celebrations from the 1918 reference year to 1622, the year Banton was established as a pueblo (municipality) under the Spanish regime. The next Balik-Bantons should then be held in 2012, 2017 and finally, in 2022 marking 400 years of being a municipality.